Hair loss preventive program

Several hair loss preventive programs are available to the Norgil capillary clinic of Granby. We offer among others Alpharegul capsules, the first of its kind to allow a significant reduction in hair loss. According to the tests, these capsules made of natural assets showed an efficiency of 88% to slow hair loss and to ensure regrowth on the forehead and top of the head. Alpharegul has no significant side effects and is effective in all forms of alopecia for women as for men.

The capillary clinic of Granby also offers other products and treatments nourishing, cleansing or balancing under different form of products such as shampoos and concentrates, allowing you to prevent hair loss. One of these products, L'Aliment de vie du Cheveu, perfect in the case of important seborrhea or hair with lost of  vitality, restores your hair to its full brightness and flexibility. This new nutritious anti-oxidant treatment, approved by Health Canada, helps reduce hair loss and thus avoid transplants.

All these preventive programs offered by the clinic of Granby obviously act against hair loss regardless of its origin (loss of postnatal hair after chemotherapy, androgenetic related to stress or imbalances, etc..). But they also help address other problems such as dry or oily scalp, dandruff and itchiness.